IJASE  2019/09
Volume 16, No.2 : 119-131
DOI:doi: 10.6703/IJASE.201909_16(2). 119  
Interpolation Data Hiding Using Dual Folding Methodology

Tzuchuen Lua*, Shiru Huanga and Thanhnhan Voa
aDeparment of Information Managerment, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung Taiwan, R.O.C

Abstract: Interpolation is an important technique in digital image processing. This technique allows of reconstructing the intermediate pixels that are distorted in the process of stretching image appropriately. Therefore, this is a technical branch in the image hiding technique and it is considered to apply in steganography. Neighbor Mean Interpolation (NMI) technique was proposed by Jung and Yoo and later was improved on the Interpolation of Neighbouring Pixels (INP) technique by Lee and Huang to be more effective in securing the confidential information to third parties. Lee and Huang have improved the payload of 56% up to 108% from Jung and Yoo's method. However, both two methods have relatively low image quality. The strategy of Lu et al. has high effect in improving PSNR and payload because the basis of this technique is to minimize the value of the secret data before hiding them into the cover image. The proposed scheme applies Lu et al.’s central folding strategy twice to effectively enhance the PSNR and payload parameters compared with (NMI) and the Interpolation of Neighbouring Pixels technique (INP).

Keywords:  Reversible data hiding; interpolation; central folding method; secret symbol.

 *Corresponding author; e-mail:  tclu@cyut.edu.tw
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