IJASE  2018/10
Volume 15, No.2 : 127-134
Designing Parameter for Developing Standard of Manual Wheelchair

Rizki Amalia Pratiwia*, Fakhrina Fahmaa, Wahyudi Sutopoa, Eko Pujiyantoa, Suprapto b and Meilinda Ayundyahrinib
aDepartment of Industrial Engineering, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia
bThe National Standardization Agency (BSN), Jakarta, Indonesia

Abstract: Indonesia already has national wheelchair standards namely Indonesian National Standard (SNI) SNI 09-4663-1998, but the standard already used for 20 years without any renewal. On the other hand, the development of wheelchair technology has a rapid transformation; wheelchair developers begin to apply the technology to their wheelchairs. For the development, relevant stakeholder are needs to identify key parameters for developing wheelchair standards. To develop this standard the Framework for Analysis, Comparison, and Testing of Standards (FACTS) method is used. The FACTS have three stages: analysis, comparison, and testing. The FACTS method is used to identify stakeholder needs. The results of this study is a framework that can be used to develop a wheelchair standard. It is also proposed a structural equation model for measuring implementation standard and we can classify them into three dimensions, i.e. improve quality, stakeholder protection and smothness and efficiency of trade.

Keywords:  Standardization; Indonesian National Standard; manual wheelchair; framework for analysis comparison and testing standard; structural equation model.

 *Corresponding author; e-mail:  kikiamalia29@gmail.com
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