IJASE  2018/10
Volume 15, No.2 : 105-112
The Use of Quality Management Techniques: The Application of the New Seven Tools

Susatyo N. W. Pramonoa*, M. Mujiya Ulkhaqa, Diva P. Rachmadinaa, Reza Triantoa, Almira P. Rachmadania, Wismar R. Wijayantia and Wini R. Dewia
aDepartment of Industrial Engineering, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia

Abstract: The implementation of total quality management cannot be successful without utilizing suitable quality management tools and techniques. Access to appropriate quality management tools and techniques has been put forward as a vital for successful quality work. Over the past decade, many research that has been conducted dealt with the importance of using quality management tools and techniques and the effects of those on business performance. In spite of the effective use of quality management tools and techniques, many organizations do face difficulties in their implementation. Some common difficulties could be mentioned here: poorly designed training and support, inappropriate use of tools and techniques, as well as poor measurement and data handling. The objective of this research is to show the application of the quality management techniques effectively. A case study was conducted at PT. Zenith Pharmaceuticals which is located in Semarang, Indonesia. The company encounters a problem on a production floor. There are a large number of products that are not associated with customer specifications. The new seven tools are then employed to identify and recognize the factors which could cause the Triocid strips become defective. In the end, the quality improvement design is proposed to minimize the number of product defect.

Keywords:  Quality management; new seven tools.

 *Corresponding author; e-mail:  ulkhaq@live.undip.ac.id
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