IJASE  2017/02
Volume 14, No.3 : 101-119
Emergency Messages Broadcasting with Multi-Forwarder in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Chiu Ching Tuana, Yi Chao Wub* and Chi Fu Hunga
aDepartment of Electronic Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei 10608 – Taiwan
bDepartment of Information Management, Chihlee University of Technology, New Taipei City 22050 – Taiwan

Abstract: One important application in Vehicular ad hoc networks, VANET, is applied for the cooperative collision avoidance (CCA) in the intelligent transportation system, ITS. In CCA, a driver could broadcast emergency messages to advice the vehicle behind accident through VANET. Thus how to design an efficient broadcasting method for forwarding the emergency messages is important in ITS. However, most of researches focused on avoiding broadcast storm by selecting only one forwarder for broadcasting. In this way, it caused that emergency messages could not be spread in other direction roads. Thus the cars in these directions of the crossroad cannot receive the emergency messages to prevent the traffic accident. To address this issue, we proposed an emergency messages broadcasting by multi-forwarder (EMBM) to select the appropriate forwarders for each brand at the intersection. Thus the emergency message could be forwarded through each brand when the messages were broadcasted across the intersection. The simulation results showed that the reachability in EMBM was 44.9 % and higher than that in binary partition assisted broadcast (BPAB), and 46.6 % higher than that in cell broadcast for streets, CBS. The average delay time of EMDM was 32.3 % lower than that in BPAB, and 69.1 % lower than that in CBS.

Keywords:  Vehicular ad hoc networks, cooperative collision avoidance, intelligent transportation system, emergency message, broadcast storm, broadcast, multi-forwarder.

 *Corresponding author; e-mail:  chihlee.edu.tw
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