Instructions to Contributors
International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering

  1. Cover Letter: When submitting your manuscript, a cover letter should also be sent with email. Provide the corresponding author’s title (Dr. Miss, Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Prof.) and the highest degree (M. D. or PH. D.). The post address of the corresponding author is needed. Further, the research fields of your manuscript are required to state. Finally, the author can list two or three preferred reviewers for your manuscript, containing reviewer’s full name, job title, institution, department, and E-mail address.
  2. The contributed articles must be typed double-spaced and arranged according to the following format: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion or Results and Discussion, Acknowledgement, and References. 
  3. Pagination. Page sequence of articles should be as follows: 
    Title Page : Topic should not exceed 200 characters and be typed in upper case capitals. Provide full name(s) of author(s), address, administrative unit/department/section, contact person, email address, post address, telephone and fax numbers for correspondence.
    Second Page : single paragraph abstract not exceeding 300 words and a list of key terms. 
    The Other Pages : text, acknowledgment, and references.

  4. Figures. Illustrations should be submitted in electronic file formats (jpg, gif, bmp or tif) or inserted into the text file. Line drawings including diagrams, charts or graphs should have high quality black and white contrast.
  5. References. The bibliographic format must include the following sequence:

    (1) Journals: name(s) of author(s) followed by initials; year of publication; complete title; journal title; volume number, first and last page numbers.
      〔1〕Liu, B. L. and Tzeng, Y. M. 2000. Characterization study of the sporulation Kinetics of Bacillus thuringiensis.Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 68, 1: 11-17.
      〔2〕Chang, C. A., Lin, H. D., and Lo, C. C. 1977. Tests of pattem change for automated detection of printing faults using computer vision systems. International Journal of Industrial Engineering, 4, 1: 5-13.

    (2)Books: name(s) of author(s) followed by initials; year of publication; complete title; edition and volume; name of editor; publisher, place of publication.
      〔3〕Chen, W. F. 1911. “Stability Design of Steel Frames”. CRC Press. Florida. U.S.A.

  6. Number of copies. Articles should be submitted in CD-ROM format or through email ( ).  If the article is accepted, the publisher will provide the author with 15 free copies in English. The published papers can also be found at the journal’s website ( http: // ).